The Sea Garden - details and images

he Sea Garden is the Bulgarian port city of the largest and best known public park in Burgas. It is located along the Black Sea coast and is an important tourist attraction and a national landscape architecture landscape in the Balkans.
Near the Sea Garden is located one of the most popular neighborhoods in Burgas - Lazur district. The park area is around 800 decari. The park is planted with trees and shrubs. In these areas, there are numerous sculptures. The most important monument is the monument of Alexander Pushkin.
The first trees in the park were planted by the soldiers of the 24th Infantry Regiment (created in 1889). In 1910, the architect Georgi Duhtev was hired by the municipality of Burgas to begin the construction of the Sea Garden. He transformed the marsh between the city and the sea into one of the most beautiful parks in Bulgaria. In 1936 the first bay was opened, and two years later, in 1938, a Casino Casino was built.
Today the Garden of the Sea forms an imposing park, where you can visit the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Naval Museum, the planetary Copernicus Astronomy Complex, the first in the country, the zoo, the Terrarium, the Dolphinarium and the Aquarium.

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