The Sea Garden - details and images

The Sea Garden also called Primorski Park is the largest and best known park of the largest Bulgarian port in the Black Sea, Varna. Located along the Black Sea coast, it is an important tourist attraction and a national monument of landscape architecture.
The park is the favorite place for recreation and entertainment of the inhabitants of Varna. In addition to the long promenades, the sea coast with the beach and the numerous restaurants, bars and clubs, you can also enjoy a swimming pool complex and a children's playground with an amusement park and a small lake. with boats. Just in front of the main driveway of the garden is the so-called "bridge of desires" - a small bridge that is believed to fulfill desires if you cross it with your back and eyes closed.
The place where the Sea Garden is today, was until the middle of the 19th century an empty field outside the city walls. In 1862, a small garden was arranged at the order of the Ottoman mayor of the city. It represented a vegetable garden near the main entrances of the park today and later it was extended by four more acres, where it planted cherries, lemons and chestnuts.
There are numerous cultural and natural attractions in the Sea Garden, of which the most visited are the following:
- Aleea Părva;
-Alley of Olympic sports;
- The monuments on the Renaissance Avenue of the Bulgarian revolutionaries;
- The alley of the cosmonauts;
-Aleea "Monuments of Bulgarian places" (plaques with memorable places);
- The monument of the border guards;
- The monument of the Ukrainian warriors;
- The clock is hot;
- The fountain with sirens;
- Sculpture with dragons.
There are numerous restaurants and discos in the Sea Garden, a water lake, water slides and other entertainment facilities.

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