The Sphinx in Bucegi - details and images

The Sphinx is a rocky formation in the Bucegi Mountains, located at an altitude of 2216 meters. With dimensions of 8 meters high and 12 meters wide, it is an attraction of the Bucegi plateau due to its resemblance to a human head. The manner of contouring this unique form is a natural one, the strong wind carved in stone over millions of years.

People resembled the Sphinx in Bucegi with a spiritual being, an entity that protects the lands with its powers. The massiveness of the formation, the face with a harsh appearance, the strong lips, the large orbits determined these local beliefs, which were gradually transmitted. Surely people were impressed by the image of Bucegi, proof is the photograph from 1900, when the photographic art was only at the beginning. The fact that someone thought of photographing the Sphinx in Bucegi, although it was quite expensive, says a lot about its importance.

Over time, the Sphinx in Bucegi was considered a mystery of the world, and the legends were not expected. Many people, especially foreigners, did not shy away from saying that the Sphinx is the result of human work and that it was created and intentionally set at 2216 meters high. Other voices have strongly stated that the Sphinx in Bucegi is a copy of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, because more or less randomly both constructions have the same height, 8 meters. Also from the category of legends is the idea that the Sphinx in Bucegi was the energy center of the aliens.

Contrary to all the rumors about the Sphinx in Bucegi, it has been shown that its formation took place naturally over millions of years. Numerous geologists, Romanian and foreign specialists have analyzed the construction and concluded that it is the result of wind and rain water.

The access to the Bucegi Plateau is facilitated by the existence of the cable car, the route from the foot of the mountains to the Babele Chalet is completed in 15 minutes. From here to Sfinx the route is accessible and does not pose any difficulties. The road is marked appropriately and even those who do not love mountain trails can walk it without incident.

The importance of the Sphinx in Bucegi is also emphasized by the fact that it has appeared in several Romanian films, with a historical theme. In 1967 images with the Sphinx from Bucegi appear in the film "Dacii", following that in 1971 it will appear in the film "Haiducii lui Şaptecai". Also, a Romanian established in the USA, supported by several American specialists, manages to create a unique documentary film about the mysteries of the Sphinx in Bucegi.

Bucegi Plateau is one of the most visited tourist areas of Romania, by Romanians and foreigners alike. Thousands of tourists come here daily to inspire the fresh air from Bucegi and to admire the natural beauty of Romania.

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