The Varna Archaeological Museum - details and images

The Varna Archaeological Museum, one of the richest archaeological museums in Bulgaria, holds the oldest gold treasure in the world, a large collection of unique ancient and medieval artifacts that show the stages of human evolution in this area, from the Paleolithic to the 19th century. century.
Here is the oldest gold treasure in the world. Its age dates from 4000 years BC. It was accidentally discovered in 1972, during the construction work near Varna. It is hard to imagine how long the beautiful jewels and gold objects spent underground until the time came when historians and archaeologists from around the world began to talk about the treasure of the Eneolithic necropolis.
The museum exhibit displays unique artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman and late antique eras, rare pre-coin forms, over 2000 antique and medieval coins in gold, silver, bronze and copper. Stone inscriptions from the history of the Bulgarian state are displayed, the largest collections in the country of early Bulgarian decoration of belts and jewelry from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In six rooms a representative part is exhibited - 150 icons (14th - 19th centuries) from the rich collection of the museum.

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