The Zoological Garden - details and images

The Zoological Garden - Varna is a favorite place for locals and guests alike. It operates an area of ​​23 hectares. It has over 60 exhibits, presented by about 300 animals. Here you will find a variety of different species of flora and fauna. The zoo attracts with its rich vegetation, maintained green surfaces and beautiful cascading lakes, which host different varieties of waterfowl. Man loses contact with nature and where else, if not in the zoo he can meet his favorite animals. In addition to being a place for recreation and entertainment for children and adults, the zoo plays a role in protecting and preserving indigenous and exotic animals, including rare and endangered species.
In 1956, the local population started a project to build a zoo and once there came the first inhabitant, a bear named Maksim, donated by a sailor.
The construction of the zoo garden lasted until 1961, when the official opening took place, its area being 30 hectares.

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