Three Holy Hierarchs Church - Iasi - details and images

Founded blessed prince worthy of 20 years since Moldova, Vasile Lupu, was built between 1635-1639. Completion of a noted church builder in stone plaque, in Slavonic, on the southern front of the church: "Yo ... I built this prince Vasile pray in the name of the Holy Three Hierarchs: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Mouth Golden. Barlaam was consecrated archbishop by hand to 7147 (1639) May 6. "

Monument, the pearl of medieval architecture is similar to the Galata monastery but not its proportions.
The vault consists of two superimposed records of four or eight arched openings that reduce the diameter bell arranged obliquely.
Gothic buttresses is visible on the stone window fittings, door profile.

The painting was made by the most famous masters: Sidov Pospeev, James Gavrilov with the old painter Nicolae Moldovan painters and Stefan. They clothed the exterior walls with "gold and glazing" and amazed the most demanding connoisseurs of art.
The paintings were "like to animate beings, like the Three Hierarchs paintings rarely found themselves:" such paintings adorned only in Athens, the temple of the divine Plato, if to be found. "

All outside the church had been dressed in lace of carved stone, and gilded with special belts to all visitors amazed and impressed by the painstakingly sculturilor brilliance that gave him bright sunshine days.

For a while one gets more importance a church by bringing the relics of St. Paraskeva, protector of Moldavia.
With a history of more than 350 years the church has become a genuine cultural and spiritual hearth, vaulted dome Sfetitelor Three Lamps and candles smoked four centuries, the courtyard asleep after gall walls of innumerable sieges and a witness today parjoluri ramand Big shiny seat of Lane.

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