Todorka Peak - details and images

Todorka is a massive peak in the Pirin Mountains in southwestern Bulgaria. It is the only peak of the Todorka side crest and is 2746 m high above sea level. Todorka is the 11th most important version of Pirin and it is made of granite and, although it is not, it is sudden. It is a relatively short ridge with three peaks - Golyama (Great), Sredna (Middle) and Malka (Little) Todorka.
Golyama Todorka is located in the north and can be a dramatic pyramid for Bansko. There are several slopes sales slopes, and a greater confidence in 2000 and is an important ski area, with a peak of 2600 m.
The peak name Todorka, as well as named lakes about the vicinity, are associated with two legends. Looked up, they really look like two eyes. According to the first legend, the Bulgarian girl Todorka took part in the shelter of the citizens of Sitan.

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