Top 4 Beaches in the Algarve - details and images

Algarve is Portugal's most southern region. It occupies an area of 4,960 km², with 400,000 seats. Algarve is officially named "Região do Algarve", being one of the seven administrative regions of Portugal (Alentejo, Algarve, Azores, Região Centro, Região de Lisboa, Madeira, Região Norte). The capital of the region is the city of Faro, which is at the same time the capital of the Faro district.

In the south of the Algarve we meet one of the most beautiful beaches.

1. Dona Ana Praia - near Lagos, is an extraordinary coastline, interwoven with majestic and more inclined rocks, overlooking the clear shoreline with stones and stacks. It is one of the most famous landscapes across the country and also one of the most photographed; visiting this beaches is an experience that will be hard to forget. Like almost all of the beaches in Portugal, it is often beaten by the wind and its waters are moderately fresh. Do not miss the boat trip to discover hidden caves, bays and bays.

2. Praia do Camilo, Lagos - Always live near Lagos to discover another delightful beach, the Praia do Camilo, where an incredible contrast of colors compares the emerald blue waters and the orange-yellow rocks. The beach, housed by winds and set among high cliffs, is small and accessible by 200 steps that allow you to reach the sea, a descent into a wonderfully breathtaking landscape. Moreover, a boat or kayak ride at nearby Ponta da Piedade, a spectacular formation of rocks formed by arches and sculpted sea caves, is a must.

3. Praia de Benagil, Lagoa - One of the natural wonders that Portugal offers is Praia de Benagil, a small sink of sand that sinks into a half-open cave. This is the main starting point for boat trips to the nearby caves (including the most famous) and secret beaches sculpted from the sea to the cliffs. We are certain that, in front of the fire of lights and colors, you will literally be speechless.

4. Praia da Falésia - Protected by a long and spectacular red rock, Praia da Falesia is an extensive stretch of fine sand, largely free, surrounded by crystalline waters, less cold than other areas and protected by wind. Ideal for relaxing walks to the sea.

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