Tsilivi water park - details and images

Tsilivi Waterpark is a new business venture of the Xenos family, which has been living and doing business on the island for over 30 years. Tsilivi Waterpark began operation in May 2010 and is ambitious to become a new multifunctional space for entertainment and relaxation for guests, island residents and tourists visiting Zakynthos Island, Greeks and foreigners.
For young people there is an entire area with a pool dedicated entirely to them with toys that drain water (floats, dolphins, elephants, mushrooms, etc.). The jungle of water hides many surprises and teasers that little explorers will want to discover.
A Turbolance slide for those who want to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush and tension waiting to send them to heaven! Right next to it, another group of slides for all tastes and ages raises the fun to the highest level! Blackhole is not recommended for claustrophobes, but it is a unique experience! Spacehole is by itself a life experience! And of course, Rafting and Open-Air are just as nice.
If all this seems too daring for you, then you can enjoy a comfortable ride in an air mattress through the small, flowing river (the Lazy River), alone and accompanying!

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