Turnu Monastery - details and images

Turnu Monastery is a large monastic spirituality of Christian homes, the Diocese Ramnic located in a secluded spot on the left bank of the Olt River, in Mount tails, two miles from the church founded by Prince Mircea the Old Monastery tails.Access to it was very difficult, for centuries. From the south, it reached a carriage from Jiblea and the tails, by sailing across the River, then walk along the river: to the north, the only connection was made to climb atop the mountain paths and villages descended Lovistea. Even the great geographer George Lahovari mentioned, in the nineteenth century, that only "leg and the horse could go there."

Today, the possibilities are multiple and get comfortable, those who want a walk, go over the dam Caciulata resort, which connects one side of the river, others by train, which stops at the nearby railway station or by car, by in the courtyard of the sanctuary.

Name Monastery comes from a massive tower, on a rock called "Peak of Theophilus", built in the II century Roman legions Arutela camp whose ruins are still there in Poiana Bivolari, below the hydro. Was first called "the convent after the turn", then "Turnu Monastery" and finally "Turnu Monastery.

The entire assembly was rebuilt in 1933. This church, less is dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the church entrance. Around them are preserved in many caves carved stone, and inside there are two caves where hermits are isolated from the world.

Turnu Monastery vietuiesc Currently over 25 monks and brothers in work and prayer.

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