Urlatoarea Waterfall - details and images

Urlatoarea Waterfall is located in the Bucegi Mountains on the eastern slope, on the Urlatorilor valley, a tributary of the Prahova valley.
The waterfall is at an altitude of 1100 meters.

To Urlatoarea Waterfall can be started from the tourist resort Busteni or Valea Tapului. It is an easy route, recommended for all ages. The easiest one is from the Busteni-Babele cable car point. From here we follow the road that leads to the Piatra Arsa chalet, named by connoisseurs and Great Jepii. The route to Piatra Arsa has a blue triangle tourist marking that goes along with the red dot marking, the tourist marking towards Urlatoarea Waterfall. The route runs in about 30 minutes, being very easy, with a difference of level of about 200 meters.

Legend of Waterfall Next
The legend, written on an informative panel of the Bucegi Natural Park, tells of the love of two shepherd brothers for a beautiful shepherd, who kept his sheep through these mountains in ancient times. One dark day, without knowing each other's love, the brothers stretched their arms toward the shepherd. She, frightened, throws herself off the rocks, turning into a waterfall, symbolizing her lost youth. The two brothers, terrified, are transformed into two rocks, which now guard the waterfall.

Waterfall, a destination for medical tourism
Bușteni resort has been and is recognized for the medical tourism practiced here. Tourists and patients from the country and abroad have benefited from the clean air in the area of ​​Urlătoarea Waterfall and the surrounding forests being treated for lung diseases and allergies. Ideally, this type of tourism will be practiced with a prophylactic role, as many people can enjoy this area whose ozonated air brings relaxation, physical and mental comfort.

Urlătoarea Waterfall is described by Alexandru Vlahuță as "a beautiful waterfall where the stream flows from the top of a stone floor and falls from a height of 15 meters - a crystal glittering scroll, which breaks with noise in the vault down".

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