Varna Dolphinarium - details and images

Varna Dolphinarium is the only such attraction facility in Bulgaria. It is located in the middle of the greenery, in the northern part of the Sea Park of Varna, with a wonderful view to the sea. It was opened on 1984 and is one of the symbols not only of the city of Varna, but also of the tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The dolphinarium is an irrevocable point in the programs of all tourists who visit the Black Sea shore.
The building impresses with its futuristic structure and facade made of aluminum and glass. The dolphinarium is designed by a team under the guidance of renowned architect Simeon Saraliev. The building itself is a lightweight construction, in the form of a glass cube.
The first dolphins arrived in the Dolphinarium from Varna in 1984 from the Cuban Dolphinarium.
Dolphins from Varna Dolphin are of the species Tursiops truncatus. Widely spread in the moderate and tropical waters of the World Ocean. This is one of the three types of dolphins found in the Black Sea.
Seals from the Varna Dolphinarium are of the Patagonian sea lion species (Otaria flavescens), that is, the ear seal spread on the shores of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans of South America.
Dolphin attractions: dolphin show, swimming with dolphins, kissing with seal.

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