Vasile Pogor Memorial House - Iasi - details and images

Some private homes, high in the second half of the nineteenth century, most representative and best preserved is known as "house down", which is remarkable persistence architecture classical forms.

Even in the heart of Iasi, before starting to climb the hill Copou Eminescu's lime among tall trees and surrounded by the vestiges of historical resonance, private courtyard wall belonging to Voda Lapusneanu-house perspective opens Pogor junimist Basil. Besides the memorial value, this building was built in 1855-1858, shows the importance and the fact that she is among the first private homes where electric lighting was introduced in the U.S., hence the name of "house with lighted windows."
The main entrance of the building is marked by a long platform under a peristyle with four Tuscan columns, above which adorn the second floor balcony ionic semicolons. An elegant frontispiece, decorated in relief with vegetal ornaments, crowns the main facade of the building.

Date of construction is attested by a hexagonal stone inscription found in the following restoration in Cyrillic: "Basil Pogor 1850 and his wife Zoe."
Museum, inaugurated on 26 December 1972, has an endowment of 20,000 pieces covering the great age of classical and contemporary Romanian literature.

In the ten rooms meet objects that belonged to well-known personalities such as Iasi: Eminescu's gold watch with his monogram, gold ring with ruby stone, a piece of furniture that comes from Mihail Kogalniceanu, a set of travel and correspondence of Costache Negri, the picture "if the head" by G. Asachi Duiliu Zamfirescu's piano. Rooms are decorated with fabric of the nineteenth century, worked in Vienna Piano Steinway, Crystal Mirror, owned by IL Caragiale.
Nichita Stanescu wrote in the Book of Honor museum on Vasile Pogor House as "the place where Miorita became Ode in ancient meter."
The bill their neoclassical architecture, all these noble houses in the area keeps Copou still unspoiled, picturesque old urban framework.

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