Venetian Castle - details and images

The walls are made of stone and the shape resembles the walls of the Cretan castles. In 1480, largely demolished by the Turks, later the restoration was refused. From then until 1514, the islanders made more efforts to renew after each raid or earthquake. The major restoration took place in 1515 with the help of Venice. Then they added the cannons and the large gate, whose bell serves as the city's clock.
The castle housed Zakynthos, administrative and military agencies throughout the city. The Venetians created rare works of the era in the castle, such as an organized sewerage system.
The passage of time and the numerous earthquakes have changed the shape of the old city, of which few examples survive today. More precisely, in the area of ​​the castle, visitors can see the vaulted stone prison, the building of gunpowder, the main bastion of the fortress, the remains of the sewer system and the ruins of several churches. The castle is surrounded by pine trees and is a very beautiful place, where you can better understand the history of Zakynthos Island and enjoy the sense of tranquility that this place offers.

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