Voronet Monastery - details and images

Voronet Monastery was founded in September 1488 (3 months, 3 weeks ago) by Stefan the Great and is dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr George. Porch was added in 1547 and was painted on the outside under the supervision of Archbishop Gregory Rosca. Voronet monastery is called the "Sistine Chapel of the East" for the great fresco of the west facade, called "Judgement." From here starts and the phrase "Voronet blue", which is considered by specialists as unique in the world and known as Veronese's green. Valuable artistic point of view is the veil of yew wood and gilded imperial doors. In much of the exterior walls, traditionally follow their lead on a blue background: Ieseu's Tree, on the south facade, Cinurile the apses, Akathist Virgin, Life of St. Anthony the Great, making even the northern front. Visitors and tourists are wondering how can exude so much feeling for beauty, art, culture and history of a building of no great size.

Address: 5 km of Gura Humorului
Suceava county, city Voronet

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