Waterfall Balea - Transfagarasan - details and images

Located in the Fagaras Mountains between peaks and Negoiu Moldoveanu, Ramna most famous waterfall. Waterfall Balea puts you ahead of a performance of a surprising beauty.

A show very accessible now, thanks Transfagarasan - 90-km highway starts from the village and meanders like a python Cârţişoara asphalt in the direction Muntenia Fagaras Mountains, reaching up to 2040 m. When you leave Transfăgărăşan 1200 m, Waterfall Balea, let yourself be overwhelmed by the water price sank ropotitoare 50-60 meters, some of the most impressive 50-60 m in Fagaras Mountains.

The whole story of this water has its beginning from the source stream Balea (much higher) peaks in the bed of the lake with the same name and falls far as to take the fall, called Balea waterfall. In short, one of the most beautiful glacial.

Balea waterfall can be admired from a distance, any road marked not just by her passing. The cable car is seen in its true cascade size. At Waterfall Balea called Balea Urlatoarea can be reached on a tourist route up one hour round trip following the red dot marks.

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