Waterfall Chisatoarea - details and images

Reserve biogeologica Moieciu on the road, which connects the Upper Moieciu Netherlands.

Only you will brook Turk arrives in a paradise: "At Chisatoare. The amazing thing is that this place named by the locals, on the left bank of the river in question, it can be seen as two lines outward from the wall of cascading water flows of 15-20 meters.

How to hear the waterfall when the cold water streams flowing into the river? Chishshsh! Locals have a sense of humor and they have named correctly. At Chisatoare or where "water shoots".

It is a karst surface phenomenon, unique in the area favored by the deposition of calcium carbonate in the form of travertine consists of several firisoare falling water, first on an area covered by vegetation.

Vegetation ends abruptly being replaced by a rocky wall and filings trickling water and the wall or fall down from the overhang.
Winter freezing cold waterfalls forming a dreamscape.

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