Waterfall Duruitoarea - details and images

The waterfall is located in Mountain Ceahlau Duruitoarea at an altitude 1270 m and is formed on the river that comes from the alpine rupture and flows into Lake Valley and then Bicaz Hermitage.
Duruitoarea impressive waterfall has a drop of water of 25-30 feet tall.

Because water flow provided by Brook and tributaries along the fracture due to falling water from a height of about 100m, produced deafening roar of the waterfall is heard from far away and can Duruitoarea whence the name Niagara. Noise is the most powerful ploiasa weather, when river flow is increased rupture.

At the waterfall there is a wooden staircase that you can climb about 30m up on a platform that fragment in two different columns of cascading water.
In the first cascade threshold river waters dug Marmite river erosion, and the second portion to disperse water over a rock fan, from a height of 5 m.

It is one of the most visited tourist attractions Ceahlau National Park and is accessible on the trail with the Red Cross, which descends from the chalet to the resort Dochia Durau path with a length of 7.5 km, altitude difference of 950m, the length of the scroll 4h 30min - 5h and average degree of difficulty.
For climbing enthusiasts and not only Duruitoarea Falls is one of the most beautiful

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