Weavers Bastion Brasov - details and images

Located in the southwest corner of the city of Brasov, Weavers Bastion, with an area of 1616 sqm. Its walls have a thickness of 4 m and 1 m based on the fourth level of the building.

Built by the weavers' guild, on four levels, with goals by shooting jets of oil and two guard towers, has a unique architectural bastion in the south-eastern Europe. Being spared the great fire of 1689, is preserved in its original form. The first construction works took place between 1421 and 1436, the first two levels are high. In 1522 was attested. Between 1570 and 1573 was high at the third floor, and between 1750 and 1910 major restoration was performed after partially collapsed bastion in 1701.

In 1908, after which time only served as a warehouse, has become the bastion of the adjacent building (headquarters of the guild), and increasingly more, is used mostly for parties and concerts of opera, thanks to stunning sound quality that gives evidence. In 1950, the Museum was arranged inside the bastion Barsa, the model is exposed and the old city of Brasov, Schei as it was in the late seventeenth century and weavers guild weapons and products.

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