White Tower Brasov - details and images

White Tower you outside of Brasov medieval fortifications were located on top of a rocky hill Warthe.
White Tower has a dark semicircle plan, with rounded side toward the hill, 18 m high, and the southern part of town, 20 meters high

Inside the White Tower were five levels of galleries wooden cages and guards. The top of the tower was provided with battlements. Entering the White Tower is done on a ladder through a door into the city from the tower. Supply tower supplies and ammunition to carry out the Graft Bastion, located next to the White Tower as a bridge over the canal "Graft" by internal fortifications. According to old chronicles, the White Tower was built in 1494 or even 1460.

White Tower was assigned to the guild of Tanners defense brazier. In 1678 the Tanners Guild redeemed obligation to defend the tower, the number of masters is much lower.
In 1689 fire led to high winds covered the White Tower which burned, was just renovated in 1723. Other restorations in 1902, 1974, 2005.

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