Women's Cave - Baia de Fier - details and images

Cave woman (or Woman's Cave) located in the municipality of Baia de Fier, Gorj County, has a length of approximately 3,600 meters arranged in four levels. The lower level is divided into two reserve Speleological sectors: North (1.500m) and the south (880m). At 40 feet tall upper floor is arranged for tourists with a length of 573 m, reaches a length of 1228 meters diverticule network very difficult to reach.

The real attractions are the cave Small Dome, which resembles a Gothic dome formed by millennia of calcite precipitation. The other room is the Shrine Room, Wall altar, pulpit, Great chandelier , bloodied Rock image called so because of iron oxide leakage. The 17 m high dome meet a colony of bats.

Several attractions are veil Muierii, Sea basins, waterfalls hardened, Lace Stone, Gate, Hall Guano, Turk Hall. The Bears Gallery cemetery was found a real skeletal remains of bears, lions, hyenas, foxes, wolves, boars and wild goats. In Room Musteriana many objects were found with cultures long before our era ...

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