Wooden Church Poienile Izei - details and images

The church was built of fir beams. The altar is narrower than the square rectangular plan of the main body of the church, as is typical of older churches. Architectural detail that has been deducted from the original church was much smaller and was more exalted in the eighteenth century. The building is one of eight churches included in the International Heritage list of UNESCO.

The church has a roof with two layers of eaves, although the shrine has its own roof, a little lower as usual. The portal, which was added later, the roof has protruding. A tower with conical roof crowns the building. George Dragomireşti painted church in a post-Byzantine style in 1794. The paintings are very well preserved and large scenes include simple borders. The colors are more important than the composition of the unit itself paintings of scenes. Painted inscriptions are full of information during the reign of the Habsburg Emperor Francis. Entry into the church is a beautiful painted double door, whose top figures depict Saints Peter and Paul, and the below - climbing vine. Also, very wide door frame is decorated with climbing plants and an angel on each side.

The main theme of the church is the Last Judgement, one of the largest murals in Maramures. Different groups are shown to face the Judgement, usually many foreigners among those sentenced, and Turks, Tatars, Arabs and Gypsies, or people are immoral, like liars, crooks and envious. The scene covers not only the west wall, but the north and south. At one point, there were openings in the wall between the narthex and nave to allow all to attend services. The nave is very high. The vault was narrowed by using beams on each side. On it is the representation of the Trinity. On the walls are scenes from the New Testament, depicting the life and Passions of Jesus. There are also numerous scenes from the Old Testament. One scene, unique in the area, showing the face of Jesus in the pelican feeds its young with the blood of his heart.

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