Zoo Graden - details and images

he Timisoara Zoological Garden is the shelter of a large number of species of birds and animals, offering an average first-class environment, identical or closer to the natural one. Also, it is necessary to modify the methods of conservation of a species on the way to extinction, in the conditions in which they can start to become of great concern, to comply with the statistics.
Print the animals that the Timișoara Zoological Garden has in the collection we list:
Mammals: Brown Bear, Wild Cat, Common Deer, Deer, European Rabbit, Reindeer, Shetland Pony, Northern Mouse, Japanese Monkey, Lion, Hussar Monkey.
Birds: Ostrich, Emu, Blue Common Peacock, Black Swan, Chinese Goose, Red Caliph, European Whistling Duck, Sparrowhawk Duck, Chilean Duck, Lily Duck, Bibilica, Guguștiucul.
Reptile: Florida turtle, European water turtle, Dry turtle, Greek turtle, Iguana.

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