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Ethnological Museum of Alexandroupolis

Ethnological Museum Of Alexandroupolis

Alexandropolis, GreeceThe Ethnological Museum of Thrace was established to preserve historical memory in the wider geographical region of Thrace. Housed in a stone mansion built in 1899 in Alexandroupolis.

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Natural History Museum of Alexandroupolis

Natural History Museum Of Alexandroupolis

Alexandropolis, GreeceThe Natural History Museum is located in Alexandroupolis and consists of three large rooms that introduce visitors to the magical world of nature, genetics, geology, special species of the region and its ecological and geophysical features.

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Historical Museum of Alexandroupolis

Historical Museum Of Alexandroupolis

Alexandropolis, GreeceThe building of the Historical Museum of Alexandroupoli is located in the center of the city, opposite the City Hall. The museum has a total area of 700 square meters. which are developed on four levels.

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