Bus Sweden 2021
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Tarile Baltice Si Germania 16 Zile 2021 Stockholm, Stockholm

Tarile Baltice Si Germania 16 Zile 2021 Stockholm

Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden

    • Bus (06/20 - 08/21/2021)
      Departures in date: 06/20, 08/06
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    About Sweden


    Sweden, the largest Scandinavian country, offers visitors the opportunity to spend many a holiday more than interesting. Whether you explore the north with the snow scooter or drive through the lakes and forests in the center and in the south, Sweden offers tourists not only landscapes but also a delightful mixture of architecture and ancient and modern civilization, this in its great cities. A mini break holiday in the capital city Stockholm is definitely a new experience, is both a city and a holiday vacation in a national park. Stockholm's, although it covers about 20,000 islands and has a national park. Packages and tourist stays at competitive prices, quite small by booking early with special offers or bus tickets, satisfy the finest tastes for those who want to discover the medieval city Upsalla Viking history, nomadic lifestyle of the Sámi people, extraordinary confluence between architecture and the medieval villages ultrasofisticata simple Sweden or, why not stay the charm of a stay in a hotel of ice.