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Pena Palace and Pena Park

Pena Palace And Pena Park

Portugal, Portugal The palace is located in the eastern part of Pena Park, you must move to reach the steep ramp which Eschwege Baron built to gain access to the creneted building. Pena Palace stands on a steep cliff, which is the second highest point of Serra de Sintra (above the palace only at Cruz Alta is located at 528 m altitude). The palace itself is made up of two wings: the old Manueline monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome and a wing built in the nineteenth century by D. Fernando II. These wings are surrounded by a third architectural structure, in which an imaginary fantasy fantasy castle rounds with crenels and crenels, guard towers, an access tunnel and even a mobile bridge.

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Park Natural da Arrábida

Park Natural Da Arrábida

Portugal, PortugalNatural da da Arrábida is a protected seaside area between Setúbal and Sesimbra, a dedicated fishing town, "Natural da da Arrabida" - if it alternates the blue sea with shades of bleached limestone cliffs and green vegetal dense vegetation , which covers Serra - is a place of rare beauty.

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The Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park

The Southwest Alentejo And Vicentine Coast Natural Park

Portugal, PortugalOne of the finest stretches of protected coast in Europe. Over 100 km of natural habitat from Porto Covo in the Alentejo, to Burgau in the Algarve

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